Project Skeem Saam - Cleaning Up Our Parks

As many residents may already be aware, the Melrose North Residents Association has started an initiative called Skeem Saam who's aim is to engage with waste collectors, both formal an informal, in order to clean up our neighbourhood, specifically the parks.

Many of you who frequent the parks in our area may have already noticed the improvement in cleanliness. This is for the most part due to Skeem Saam's engagement with the dwellers there and incentivising protection of our public space.

However, for Skeem Saam to be more effective, it requires community input.
So, what can you as a resident do to assist?
We're glad you asked :)

Skeem Saam needs the following from you, the residents:

  1. On your normal waste pick up day, put “dry” waste on pavements in bags sorted by plastic, paper and cans - this is what the recyclers can make use of. Food and “wet” waste should be separated from this and will be left for Pikitup to collect.
  2. Leave an extra, empty black bin bag outside with your recyclable waste on Mondays - this is hugely valuable to the waste collectors.
  3. Donate old clothes to Skeem Saam. To do so, contact the MRA or Lisa Lowenthal so that this can be distributed appropriately. Please don't leave this outside with the waste.
Lets show our support for this great initiative and help clean up our suburbs.
More information on Skeem Saam can be found here.


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