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Jameson Avenue Repair Scheduled for 2018/19

Through correspondence with JRA authorities, we're relieved to hear that resurfacing of Jameson Avenue has been scheduled to happen over 2018/2019.
In the meantime they are committed to patching and fixing potholes as they are reported.
So we urge residents to please remain active and report street defects as you become aware of them. JRA has a very useful smart phone app called JRA Find&Fix which allows users to geotag the location of the defect and submit a picture. More information and download links for the app can be found here.

Emergency Power Outage Tonight (Monday) from 10:00pm - 6am tomorrow

Dear Residents,

City Power have announced an Emergency Power Outage tonight from 10pm to 6am tomorrow morning.
They will be working on the Kelvin sub-station that feeds in power to the grid from Eskom. It will be affecting almost 30 000 households.
Details of the outage can be found here.
Note that the power could come on earlier than 6am, or if there are other problems, later. It is advised that you to follow @citypowerjhb on twitter for updates.
Note also that there may be localised power faults after the outage caused by surges. Please log these online with citypower . mobi.