MRA Activities

Dear Melrose residents,

In the interest of keeping residents informed of happenings in our suburb we'd like to provide some feedback on our activities of late.

The MRA is currently in the process of motivating the approval of the Precinct Plan, compiled by the committee with input from residents, to the MMC.
We see approval of this plan as an important milestone in ensuring development within the suburb, particularly on the peripheries, happens in a controlled manner.
In addition to this we have consigned an qualified contractor to conduct a traffic study on the current road network within Melrose with specific attention to Tottenham, Jellicoe, Tyrwhitt and Oxford. This traffic study will assist in:
  • Our response to further development applications in the precinct,
  • promoting the redesign of the public road space into a pedestrian-and-school-friendly environment consistent with Transit Oriented Development (TOD) principles, and
  • establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle to accept and use services contributions to improve the local public space and services.
We expect these activities will allow us to establish sound guidelines for future development within our suburb.

If any residents have any comments or questions please do get in touch.


Melrose Ratepayers Association


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