MRA Annual Fees for June 2017 to May 2018

Dear Melrose and Melrose Estate residents,

The MRA is a non-profit organization for the home owners and residents of Melrose and Melrose Estate.

We write to remind all residents to support the efforts of the Melrose Ratepayers Association (MRA) by paying their 2017/2018 annual fees, approved at the last AGM, as outlined below.

Funds are urgently required for various projects that will benefit all residents. These include, amongst others, initiatives such as:

·       a traffic study, which will be essential when engaging with the Johannesburg City Council on matters concerning the neighborhood;
·       objecting to various re-zoning applications by developers that encroaches on the neighborhood, or plans which don’t meet council by-laws;
·       dealing with neglected properties and vagrants;
·       engaging with qualified consultants in our dealings with city council

and various other plans which aim to preserve the charm and essence of the neighborhood whilst ensuring that future developments in the area are done in a manner that is controlled, phased and beneficial to residents. For example, past successful initiatives include various successful rezoning/ building plan objections, the roll out of a High-Speed Internet Fiber network in the area and the drawing up of a resident’s precinct plan to engage the council.

MRA committee members also participate, pro bono, as the voice of the suburb when the City Council makes decisions affecting our area, playing an important role in informing and monitoring developments in the suburb. We also actively engage various municipal agencies such as the Johannesburg Roads Agency and Johannesburg Water in the best interest of the suburb.

The annual fees approved at the last annual general meeting held on 24 May 2017 for the 2017/2018 period are as follows:

·         R940 per house;
·         R630 per complex unit;
·         R310 per flat; and
·         R1,250.00 per office or school.

To all residents who have already paid their 2017/18 fees, we thank you sincerely for your contribution. For those that have not yet paid, we encourage you to please make payment at the soonest possible convenient time, thanking you in advance for your contribution. Should any residents require invoices, you are welcome to contact our treasurer Damian Botoulas, at or 083 675 5722.

Contributions should be made into the following account:

·         Payee:                                Melrose Ratepayers Association
·         Bank:                                 First National Bank
·         Account Number:             50373620647
·         Branch code:                     255805
·         Reference:                         Name and street address (eg. J Bloggs 123 Jellicoe)

Thanking you sincerely,
Melrose Ratepayers Association


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